Automobile industry Experts are foreseeing that use of electric vehicles will increase seriously because of the pandemic. A study based in UK recommends that the coronavirus is making customers more concern about increasing pollution on earth — and in this manner increasingly interested to purchase an electric vehicle.

Venso Automotive Solutions, a company into bussiness of transportation and own a big fleet, conducted survey among 200 UK customers this month.

The question that they asked was, ‘Have the effects of the current COVID-19 lockdown made you change your mind about buying an electric vehicle?’

The firm discovered that 45% of respondents were thinking about purchasing an EV after feeling the change in air quality after lockdown. An extra 17% had already decided to purchase an electric vehicle and are even feel pride about their decision. That makes 62% of UK buyers in that UK review all set electric.

Company revealed how the study questions were framed:

They set the terms of reference for the questions by saying, ‘Transport makes up 23% of the world’s global carbon emissions, and where people are no longer allowed to travel unless their trip is vital, air quality has surprisingly improved. Even the infamous canals of Venice now boast crystal clear waters.’ They did not ask specific questions around the pandemic.

Of the 45% of drivers presently thinking about an EV, 19% said their next buy will be all-electric. The remainder of them said that they expect to turn into an EV driver in the following five years.

That speaks to an accelerating of EV plan in the hour of the pandemic. In July 2019, 33% of respondents who shown interest in Electric Vehicle but said they would sit tight for another 10 to 15 years.

Company now accepts that enthusiasm for EVs also jumped because of UK’s EV improved charging infrastructure, tax incentives, and a greater selection of models.

However, the study made it clear that seeing clearer skies is also changing consumer sentiment.


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